Sunday, August 21, 2005

Eco-Capitalist convince Walmart to go Solar

Help convince Walmart to use clean renewable energy.
Send in photos from Walmart, or photos of receipts from Walmart.
Together, the customers of Walmart,
can lead the way to clean energy for all.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Will it work?

It already has on a smaller scale.
Here is an article about a 100% renewable energy fastfood chain.
The fastfood chain has 1,600 employees, Walmart has about 1,700,000

If Walmart would use 100% renewable energy, it would prevent the release of 1.7 Billion
pounds of CO2 annually. Eliminating this volume of the harmful greenhouse gas is the equivalent of taking approximately 1,700,000 cars off the road.

The Holland Inc. commits to using 100% renewable wind power

The Holland Inc. said Monday it will use renewable wind power produced in the Pacific Northwest to provide 100 percent of the electricity needs of all its Burgerville and Noodlin' restaurants, and at its local headquarters in Vancouver, Wash.

The adoption of wind power for the company's Burgerville restaurants represents the largest national implementation of renewable wind power within a quick service restaurant chain, the company said.

The Holland Inc. and its restaurants are purchasing renewable "clean" wind power from Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, Clark Public Utilities, Columbia River People's Utility District, Cowlitz Public Utility District and Green Tags from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

By using wind power, the company said it will avoid adding 17.4 million pounds of CO2 to the region annually. Eliminating this volume of the harmful greenhouse gas is the equivalent of taking approximately 1,700 cars off the road or reducing the number of miles driven in the region by 19 million, the company added.

The renewable energy supplied to The Holland will come from large-scale wind farms located throughout the Pacific Northwest -- primarily Eastern Washington and Oregon.